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The TISM Group companies are committed to monitoring and reducing the most significant environmental impacts deriving from their production, as well as making products that consume less energy, use fewer raw materials, are more ergonomic and easier to use.

TISM Group is focused on a system of continuous improvement in environmental performance and on the achievement of eco-efficiency results.

Over the past years the following initiatives have already been implemented:

  1. Installation of a photovoltaic system and a number of solar thermal plants;
  2. Actions to reduce the consumption of gas, electricity and water in some plants;
  3. Waste collection programs–≤;
  4. Projects to raise the awareness of employees and their families on sustainability and energy conservation at work and at home.

TISM Group will continue and strengthen its commitment to environmental sustainability to meet the challenges posed by climate change and the scarcity of certain raw materials on a global level.