The TISM Group's mission makes explicit reference to the objective of creating economic, social and environmental value both for the sustainability of the Group's companies and for the communities where we operate.

For TISM, Corporate Responsibility is an integrated part of the corporate strategy, in order to promote:

  1. A group of thriving, solid and growing businesses;
  2. The offer of excellent products and services to our clients, pursuing a partnership approach;
  3. The opportunity to contribute to the development of the communities where we operate, creating value and jobs for our employees and suppliers;
  4. A controlled and measured use of environmental resources;
  5. Product innovation driven by environmental sustainability;
  6. Special attention to training and the personal and professional growth of all employees and communities where the Group's companies are located;
  7. High level of safety and quality of the workplace;
  8. A corporate welfare program that promotes the well-being and health of our employees and their families;
  9. Projects with high social innovation.

The long-term vision of the Group makes it possible to deliver results that are sustainable over time, bearing witness of the company's commitment to contribute effectively to the improvement of society.