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TISM Group made up of over 19 and international companies and facilities operating in a range of sectors. These include machinery, engineering, construction, chemical, nuclear, financial services and agriculture.

TISM Group portfolio of assets and companies actively cooperate with each other to create partnerships that simultaneously reinforce the competitive advantages of each business and the entire group.


TISM Group is an international group with a passion for establishing new businesses and transforming them into global leaders, and for fostering economic and social development in regions where it has a presence.

  1. We build sector-transforming businesses
  2. We invest without geographic boundaries
  3. We maximize control over our core assets


TISM Group is an international group that is known as a global player:

  1. We turn business into sector leaders and launch them on equity markets
  2. We draw on the industrial expertise and technologies of our strategic partners
  3. We apply best corporate governance practice
  4. We are committed to the principles of professionalism